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Artists in Schools and Communities Grants

MAC’s Artists in Schools and Communities (AISC) grant program is the umbrella under which two grant opportunities are held: AISC Experiences and AISC Residencies. Together these grants cover a wide need range, serving arts learners of every age and ability and across a multitude of disciplines and settings. Whether or not you are a new applicant to our programs, if you are considering applying to either grant process, we encourage you to discuss your project ideas with a member of the MAC staff. All grant applications are submitted through our grants management system; to set up an account click here.

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Important Program Dates for 2024:

January 8  

January 8  

March 14  

April 18  

August 15  

December 12  

   2024 AISC Experiences process opens

   AISC Residencies FY25 process opens 

   Residencies applications due at 5 PM

   Experiences applications due at 5 PM

   Experiences applications due at 5 PM

   Experiences applications due at 5 PM


AISC Experiences Program Description 

The AISC Experiences grant program supports arts learning activities in three categories:

  • Fees supporting direct engagement with guest artists for a virtual or in-person session that may or may not include hands-on learning
  • Purchase of tools, supplies and small equipment to support experimentation with new arts media and methods
  • Transportation to support first-hand experiences with art or artists

AISC Experiences Highlights

  • Allows support categories not provided through the Residencies grant
  • Provides Initial opportunities to engage with artist and/or arts experiences, often serving as a launch point for deeper experiences and continued learning
  • Provides grants of between $250 and $2500, with no cash match required.

2024 Experiences Guidelines (HTML)

2024 Experiences Guidelines (PDF)

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AISC Residencies Program Description

The AISC Residencies grant program connects learners of all ages and abilities with professional teaching artists through a diversity of learning formats and settings. Residencies range from a couple of hours to months-long experiences and may engage one or several guest artists working with a single core group of learners or with multiple groups, all sharing the key components of experiential learning, a depth of knowledge gained and a strong emphasis on the process of art creation. Because of this emphasis, activities under the AISC Residencies grant category must include hands-on learning.

AISC Residencies Highlights

  • Allows for in-depth experiential learning over hours, days, weeks or months in conjunction with a guest or teaching artist(s)
  • Enhances discipline-specific arts learning, cross-curricular and multidisciplinary learning and arts integration projects
  • Provides grants of between $2500 and $10,000 with matching funds required

AISC FY 2025 Residencies Application Guidelines (HTML)

AISC FY 2025 Residencies Application Guidelines (PDF)

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Fiscal Year 2022 AISC Grant Awards (PDF)

Teaching Artist Registry

Quotes from Residencies (PDF)


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