Montana Arts Council

Teaching Artist Registry

MAC’s Teaching Artist Registry is a listing of professional teaching artists at work across Montana, and provides a resource to find an artist that matches the needs of your group of learners. The Registry includes teaching artists in Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Literary Arts available to provide arts learning opportunities for youth or life-long learners.

Tips for using the Registry

  • Contact the teaching artists directly to begin a conversation with them about their specific programming, schedule availability and fees. 
  • Do your homework!  MAC’s Registry is a helpful resource, but we encourage all schools and community organizations to get to know the artist through email and phone conversation, reference checks, and background checks your setting necessitates, before you engage a teaching artist. 
  • Remember, our AISC Registry artists are professionals, and professionals get paid!  Negotiate a fee for services with the artist, and put it in writing before they arrive.
  • MAC offers grant funding to bring AISC Registry artists, and other Montana teaching artists or organizations, to your school or community. 

Questions about the AISC Registry or any of the artists listed?  Contact Monica Grable, Arts Education Director, at (406) 444-6522 or

AISC Registry | Literary Artists

BJ Buckley

B.J. Buckley

Creative Writing

Humans are natural tale-tellers and poets. Our ongoing narratives weave us into the shared fabric of the world and forge intricate, intimate connections with each other. As a teacher my task is to provide a resource-rich space which calls out and supports each student's innate gifts to make and share unique poems and stories.

10 10th Lane NE | Power, MT 59468
(406) 467-2986 | 
Fred Haefele

Fred Haefele

Creative Writing

I like to introduce idea that as humans, we all possess a common story, but we also have our own story, which is inviolable and unique. The success of telling depends on the writers ability to identify those qualities that make it unique and at the same time, connect to the greater story of us all.

304 South Fifth St. East | Missoula, MT 59801
(406) 546-7280 | 
Robert Lee

Robert Lee

Novelist and Poet

Teaching young people gives me hope for the future. Coaxing creations from new writers will always enthrall me .” Robert,” asks a fourth grader, “May I write a sad poem, today?” My ,oh, my. Writing opens doors. We can fly away from the day or meet it head on. Come along!

1045 S. 1st West | Missoula, MT 59801
(406) 552-3451 | or
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