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Artists in Schools and Communities Registry

MAC’s Artists in Schools and Communities Registry is a listing of professional teaching artists at work across Montana, and provides a resource to find an artist that matches the needs of your group of learners. The Registry includes teaching artists in Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Literary Arts available to provide arts learning opportunities for youth or life-long learners.

Tips for using the Registry

  • Contact the teaching artists directly to begin a conversation with them about their specific programming, schedule availability and fees. 
  • Do your homework!  MAC’s Registry is a helpful resource, but we encourage all schools and community organizations to get to know the artist through email and phone conversation, reference checks, and background checks your setting necessitates, before you engage a teaching artist. 
  • Remember, our AISC Registry artists are professionals, and professionals get paid!  Negotiate a fee for services with the artist, and put it in writing before they arrive.
  • MAC offers grant funding to bring AISC Registry artists, and other Montana teaching artists or organizations, to your school or community. 

Questions about the AISC Registry or any of the artists listed?  Contact Monica Grable, Arts Education Director, at (406) 444-6522 or

AISC Registry | Performing Artists

CoMotion Dance Project

The CoMotion Dance Project


The CoMotion Dance Project provides highly-qualified dance teaching artists for K-5 classrooms. Elementary students are skillfully guided to create, perform, respond and connect to the curriculum (i.e. fractions, water cycle, parts of speech) using dance. In addition to learning artistic thinking skills in creative dance, our workshops foster emotional and social skills (listening, communication, collaboration, respect and diversity).

School of Theatre and Dance | University of Montana | Missoula, MT 59812
(406) 243-2870 | 
Jordan Dehline Burt

Jordan Dehline Burt


My belief is that all children should have the opportunity to express their creativity through movement. Integrating dance with the curriculum provides an alternate method of learning standards-based content, using the kinesthetic intelligence. I seek to create an enthusiasm for learning and movement, and to support the academic curriculum.

400 W. Broadway Street Ste. 101-303 | Missoula, MT 59802
(253) 632-7008 | 
The Beet Tops

Michelle Karcher


Michelle Karcher and The Beet Tops bring traditional old-time music and dance to social gatherings or groups in an accessible and enjoyable way. All dances are taught step by step -- no experience required. The lively dance music and engaging nature of square dancing is perfect for learners of all ages.

324 Woodford Street | Missoula, MT 59801
(406) 544-5068 | or 
Retta Leaphart

Retta Leaphart

Theatre and Puppetry

Theatre is collaboration and discovery. I am constantly honing my observation skills, striving to build connections between people, ideas, moments, and works of art. There is always more to learn, and always a new direction in which to grow. Most importantly, as a favorite teacher of mine used to constantly remind us, “You’ve got to have fun to be in the game.”

348 Clancy St. | Helena, MT 59601
(406) 459-9073 | 
Don Matlock

Don Matlock

Choral Storytelling

All music is a story. To connect with the audience, the story and underlying emotion(s) must be believably conveyed. There are simple ways to help the singer be in the place of storytelling. People don’t remember what you said but they DO remember how you made them feel.

280 Cartwright Way | Hamilton, MT 59840
(406) 363-5778 or (406) 369-0706 | and 
Tarn Ream

Tarn Ream


I have a deep commitment to teaching/performing traditional African movement and conveying information on cultural importance of rhythms/dances. This tradition includes individual and communal healing, life transitions, honoring ancestors, and celebration. I am drawn to this form as a path for individuals to gain courage and a sense of community, process personal issues, and articulate new forms of self-expression.

1250 Harrison | Missoula, MT 59802
(406) 549-7933 |
Sassafras Stomp

Sassafras Stomp | Adam Nordell and Johanna Davis

Traditional Folk Music and Dance

We offer a physically active, multidisciplinary exploration of folk music and dance. Guiding students through the background of traditional music and social dance, we demonstrate fiddle and guitar technique and teach New England contradance, squaredance, Appalachian clogging and French Canadian foot percussion.

4002 Spring Hill Road | Helena, MT 59601
(207) 380-1171 | 
Salinee Vanichanan-Meek

Salinee Vanichanan-Meek


As a credentialed dance teacher, I wish to show students the tools to create dance are easily accessible, even fun! The units of study will use Montana dance standards to create guiding lessons. Alternative instruction is also offer in Dance Integration with your preferred subject.

44 W. Ashley Hills Dr. | Kalispell, MT 59901
(406) 210-7000 | 
Marina Weatherly

Marina Weatherly

Visual Art and Dance

Through visual art, I express relationships and beauty found in the natural world. As a teaching artist, I integrate the arts with all subjects, and place art at the heart of learning. The arts are a powerful tool towards understanding Indian Tribes of Montana, World Cultures, and the Natural Sciences.

PO Box 565 | Stevensville, MT 59870
(406) 777-3546 | 
Art is the River: Integrating Indian Education for All: Part I Part II
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