Montana Arts Council

An Agency of State Government



Managing your MAC Grants and Awards


The Council staff handles all questions regarding grant decisions by first reviewing records of the panel and Council sessions to review the procedures and discussions that led to the decision. This information is sent to the applicants, who also may review the primary materials. A staff person will also consult with the applicant to improve any subsequent application.

+ ADA Checklist form

+ Accessibility Coaching

+ Public Value Partnerships Summary for Grantees




An applicant who remains dissatisfied can set the appeals process in motion by formally asking for reconsideration. At this point, the following procedure is implemented:

  • The Council’s Executive Committee considers the request and makes a recommendation.
  • At its next meeting, the full Council hears the request and the Executive Committee’s recommendation and decides whether to reject the request, and then refers it back to the panel for further review.
  • Finally, the applicant is notified of the Council’s decision.


Appeal Hearing Protocol

  • In accordance with Montana state law, and the Montana Arts Council’s policy which states that its grant panel meetings are open for observation by the public, the Executive Committee and full Council meetings in which a grant award appeal is reviewed, shall also be open to the public for observation.
  • An agenda will be set for the appeal hearing, and the meeting will be conducted according to the agenda. The formal written appeal will be entered into the public record.
  • Public comment will be taken during this hearing, including the grant application making the appeal, if they so wish.


All recommendations and decisions made by members of the Montana Arts Council will be based solely upon adherence to published agency policy, guidelines and review criteria.



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