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2022 Montana Poetry Out Loud Winners

State Champion
Chrysalis School
Second Place
Red Lodge High School
Third Place
Red Lodge High School

North West | North Central Regional 

POL Northwest and Northcentral Belt/Flathead/Simms/Eureka

Top 6 finalists from the event:

Kenna Anderson | Flathead High School 

Rachel Campbell | Chrysalis School 

Nora Duncan | Chrysalis School 

Brady Drummond | Belt High School 

Gracie Thiel-Watson | Belt High School 

Molly Tingey | Belt High School 

Alternate: Anastasia Bouick | Simms High School 


South West | South Central Regional   

POL Southwest and Southcentral Missoula/Red Lodge/Hamilton/Powell County 

Top 6 finalists from the event:

Zoe Belinda | Red Lodge High School 

Jasmine Eggert | Sentinel High School 

Adeline Glidewell | Valley Christian School 

Lucy Johnstone | Hellgate High School 

Ellis Mastel | Red Lodge High School 

Echo McTague | Hellgate High School 

Alternate: Eliana Foss | Hamilton High School 


Congratulations to all competitors! 


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