Montana Arts Council

An Agency of State Government

Recent MAC Grantees

Cultural and Aesthetic Grants

Alberta Bair Theater $4,300 Billings
Alpine Artisans, Inc. $6,000 Seeley Lake
Archie Bray Foundation $6,000 Helena
Art Mobile of Montana $8,000 Statewide
Arts Missoula (Formerly Missoula Cultural Council) $2,000 Missoula
Billings Cultural Partners $3,000 Billings
Billings Preservation Society $4,300 Billings
Billings Symphony Society $4,300 Billings
Bozeman Symphony Society $2,000 Bozeman
Buses of Yellowstone Preservation Trust $4,000 Red Lodge
Butte Citizens for Preservation and Revitalization $4,000 Butte
Butte Symphony Association $3,000 Butte
Carbon County Arts Guild & Depot Gallery $3,700 Red Lodge
Carbon County Historical Society $2,700 Red Lodge
Cohesion Dance Project $4,000 Helena
Conrad Mansion Museum $3,000 Kalispell
Council for the Arts, Lincoln $3,000 Lincoln
Creative Arts Council $3,400 Eureka
Daly Mansion Preservation Trust $2,400 Hamilton
Emerson Center for the Arts & Culture $2,000 Bozeman
Eureka Community Players $3,000 Eureka
Fort Peck Fine Arts Council, Inc. $5,000 Glasgow 
Friends of Big Sky Education DBA Warren Miller Performing Arts Center $3,000 Big Sky
Friends of the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula $4,000 Missoula
Glacier County Historical Museum $5,400 Cut Bank
Glacier Symphony and Chorale $3,000 Kalispell
Grandstreet Broadwater Productions, Inc. $3,000 Helena
Hamilton Players, Inc $3,400 Hamilton
Helena Presents/Myrna Loy Center $3,000 Helena
Helena Symphony $3,000 Helena
Historic Clark Chateau $3,000 Butte
Hockaday Museum of Art $2,000 Kalispell
Holter Museum of Art $6,000 Helena
Humanities Montana $10,000 Statewide
Intermountain Opera Association $3,000 Bozeman
International Choral Festival $4,000 Missoula
International Wildlife Film Festival $2,000 Missoula
Lewistown Art Center $3,700 Lewistown
MAGDA $5,000 Statewide
Mai Wah Society Museum $5,000 Butte
MAPS Media Institute $7,000 Hamilton
MCT, Inc. $5,000 Statewide
Missoula Art Museum $5,000 Missoula
Missoula Writing Collaborative $4,000 Missoula
MonDak Heritage Center $6,700 Sidney
Montana Association of Symphony Orchestras $5,000 Statewide
Montana Ballet Company $3,000 Bozeman
Montana Dance Arts Association $2,000 Statewide
Montana Historical Society $9,000 Statewide
Montana Performing Arts Consortium $3,000 Statewide
Montana Playwrights Network $2,000 Helena
Montana Preservation Alliance $7,000 Statewide
Montana Repertory Theatre $5,000 Statewide
Montana Shakespeare in the Parks $10,000 Statewide
Montana State Firefighters Memorial $5,000 Laurel
Mountain Time Arts $4,000 Bozeman
Museum of the Rockies $5,000 Bozeman
Museums Association of Montana $8,000 Statewide
North Valley Music School $3,000 Whitefish
Northwest Montana Historical Society $3,000 Kalispell
Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art $3,000 Great Falls
Pondera Arts Council $3,400 Conrad
Queen City Ballet Company $2,000 Helena
Ravalli County Museum $3,400 Hamilton
Schoolhouse History & Art Center $4,700 Colstrip
Stillwater Historical Society $6,700 Columbus
Support Local Artists and Musicians (S.L.A.M.) $3,000 Bozeman
The Extreme History Project $2,000 Bozeman
Upper Swan Valley Historical Society, Inc. $4,000 Condon
Verge Theater $4,000 Bozeman
WaterWorks Art Museum $3,700 Miles City
Western Heritage Center $6,300 Billings
Whitefish Theatre Co $4,000 Whitefish
Yellowstone Art Museum $4,300 Billings
Zootown Arts Community Center $4,000 Missoula

Public Value Partnerships

Alberta Bair Theater, $9,000, Billings

Alpine Artisans, Inc., $2,600, Seeley Lake

Alpine Theatre Project, $8,300, Whitefish

Archie Bray Foundation, $9,000, Helena

Art Mobile of Montana, $2,000, Dillon

Arts Missoula, $5,200, Missoula

Billings Studio Theatre, $6,000, Billings

Billings Symphony Society, $9,000, Billings

Bitterroot Performing Arts Council, $5,800, Hamilton

Butte Symphony Association, $3,700, Butte

C.M. Russell Museum, $6,000, Great Falls

Carbon County Arts Guild and Depot Gallery, $2,400, Red Lodge

Clay Studio of Missoula, $3,300, Missoula

Cohesion Dance Project, $4,600, Helena

Emerson Center for the Arts and Culture, $7,000, Bozeman

Fort Peck Fine Arts Council, Inc., $4,600, Glasgow

Glacier Symphony and Chorale, $7,000, Kalispell

Grandstreet Broadwater Productions, Inc., $9,000, Helena

Great Falls Symphony, $9,800, Great Falls

Helena Presents/Myrna Loy Center, $9,300, Helena

Helena Symphony, $7,000, Helena

Hockaday Museum of Art, $5,200, Kalispell

Holter Museum of Art, $7,200, Helena

Intermountain Opera Association, $6,300, Bozeman

Living Art of Montana, $3,300

Livingston Center for Art and Culture, Inc., $2,000, Livingston

MAPS Media Institute, $3,400, Hamilton

MCT, Inc., $10,000, Missoula

Missoula Art Museum, $9,000, Missoula

Missoula Writing Collaborative, $3,500, Missoula

Montana Actors' Theatre, $3,400, Havre

Montana Ballet Company, $4,100, Bozeman

Montana Museum of Art and Culture, $2,600, Missoula

Montana Repertory Theatre, $6,400, Missoula

Montana Shakespeare in the Parks, $9,000, Bozeman

North Valley Music School, $3,300, Whitefish

Northcutt Steele Gallery, MSU-B, $2,000, Billings

Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art, $5,000, Great Falls

Pondera Arts Council, $3,800, Conrad

Southwest Montana Arts Council, $2,500, Dillon

Stumptown Art Studio, $2,400, Whitefish

Sunburst Foundation, $2,000, Eureka

Verge Theater, $6,300, Bozeman

WaterWorks Art Museum, $5,600, Miles City

Whitefish Theatre Co., $6,400, Whitefish

Yellowstone Art Museum, $8,000, Billings

Zootown Arts Community Center, $4,200, Missoula

Strategic Investment Grants

Padilla, Natalie Bozeman Gallatin 9950
Palomino Paintings by Sammy Jo Cut Bank Glacier 10000
Peeterse, Natalie  Missoula Missoula 10000
Polich, Whitney Vaughn Cascade 9945
Purcell, Meghan Livingston Park 10000
Radosevich Tara Bozeman Gallatin 2846
Ragsdale, Amy Missoula Missoula 5700
Rauch, Micah Great Falls Cascade 10000
Reifsneider, Jennifer Missoula Missoula 10000
Reintjes, Alison Missoula Missoula 10000
Reintjes, Brandon Missoula Missoula 5000
Revennaugh, Stephanie Livingston Park 10000
Rickley, James Great Falls Cascade 10000
Rohrer, Jennifer Seeley Lake Missoula 9350
Rowland, Russell Billings Yellowstone 5000
Russ Chapman Bozeman Gallatin 10000
Schiffer, Pamela Livingston Park 10000
Shawna Moore Art Whitefish Flathead 10000
Siegel, Naomi Missoula Missoula 7472
Smetanka, Andy Missoula Missoula 5000
Spence, Kimberly Stevensville Ravalli 10000
Stillman, Loren Missoula Missoula 9910
Sweet Grass Arts Alliance Big Timber Sweet Grass 5000
Tappan, Ann Manhattan Gallatin 2774
Taylor, Geoffrey Missoula Missoula 6200
The Paradise Center Paradise Sanders 5000
Tolton, Peter Billings Yellowstone 10000
Valenzuela, Shalene Missoula Missoula 4452
Volkersz, Willem Bozeman Gallatin 5005
Watson, Ella Bozeman Gallatin 9958
Werle, April Missoula Missoula 9910
Woodman, Christopher Missoula Missoula 6855
Zier, Dana Bridger Carbon 9747

Art House Cinema and Pub (Cine Billings), $1,000, Billings

Arts and Above, $1,000, Missoula

George Bumann, $732, Gardiner

Lynn Cain, $1,000, Townsend

Mary Callahan Baumstark, $613, Lewistown

Dolce Canto, $1,000, Missoula

Nola Freestone, $1,000, Helena

Haltforce Art Collective, $1,000, Billings

Carol Hartman, $1,000, Red Lodge

Patrick Hoffman, $680, Bozeman

Morgan Irons, $1,000, Bozeman

Neal Lewing, $1,000, Polson

Mineral Co. Performing Arts, $1,000, Superior

Janet Moczar-Buti, $1,000, Livingston

Montana Playwrights, $1,000, Helena

Mountain Time Arts, $1,000, Bozeman

Ronda Oldchief, $1,000, Missoula

Olive Parker, $1,000, Stevensville

Matthew Piedalue, $1,000, Bozeman

August Uhl, $1,000, Bozeman

Douglas Wales, $1,000, Bozeman

Statewide Arts Service Organizations

Montana Performing Arts Consortium, $24,000

Montana Association of Symphony Orchestras, $24,000

Montana Art Gallery Director's Association, $24,000

Montana Dance Arts Association, $24,000

Artists In Schools and Communities Grants

Montana Shakespeare in the Parks $10,000.00

Art Mobile of Montana $10,000.00

A VOICE $10,000.00

MAPS Media Institute  $10,000.00

Missoula Writing Collaborative $10,000.00

Creative Writing Center, MSU-Billings $4,500.00

Montana Repertory Theatre $10,000.00

Holter Museum of Art $7,795.00

Missoula County Public Schools $2,900.00

SPARK! Arts Ignite Learning $10,000.00

Choteau Community Art Studio (Choteau Arts) $5,615.00

The Root & The Bloom Collective  $2,500.00

Free Verse $10,000.00

The Shane Lalani Center for the Arts $10,000.00

Bozeman Art Museum $5,000.00

KALICO Art Center  $10,000.00

Kalispell Public Schools - District No. 5 $3,595.00

Missoula Art Museum $10,000.00

Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art $5,000.00

Montana Actors' Theatre $10,000.00

Missoula Community Radio  $3,500.00

WaterWorks Art Museum  $10,000.00

Belgrade School District #44 $10,000.00

Liberty Place, INC. $2,775.00

City of Glasgow $10,000.00

White Sulphur Springs School District $4,300.00

Anaconda Local Development Corporation $10,000.00

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