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Statewide Service Organizations

Statewide Arts Service Organizations (SSO) provide operating support.

A Statewide Arts Service Organization (SSO) is defined as an organization with a statewide membership and statewide board of directors. Its primary function is to provide member organizations and artists with programs and services more efficiently and cost-effectively than if those members had to acquire them individually.

Statewide Service Organization (SSO) grants provide operating support for Montana non-profit arts organizations with statewide service impact and members and clients must include organizations, not just individuals. The program recognizes strong operations, stable management, ongoing engagement, and high-quality services.

Successful applicants will expand opportunities for all Montanans to create, participate in, and appreciate Montana’s wide range of cultural resources. Applicants may be prioritized to equalize awards across geographic area and disciplines.

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The next application cycle will be in the spring of 2025.

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